Facebook and Instagram are down is your business down?

Facebook and Instagram are down is your business down?

Facebook and INstagram down- Tips for social media

Facebook Down- Instagram down

Facebook and Instagram are down; these two are two of the top social media services in the world, and Twitter is going crazy, and now is one of the best ways for interactions with prospects.

Ok, and why is this important to your brand. If the only method of contact for the brand’s customers or audience to reach them is through FB or Instagram advertise on YouTube. The brand may need to make sure they can contact the company outside the social platform a look at how to run a successful business.

Have you engaged with your customer post sales? We recommend do it, you can use this brand to optimize its website to make sure that it is currently up-to-date as well have content outside of any social media platform. Though Facebook and Instagram are down can clients access the brands’ store on the website? Can they still send an old fashion email or call the company number? Is the contact information accurate?

Is the API’s down as well? 

Facebook API's are down- Social Media Tips

Yes, the API’s are down as well this is why it is good to get an email for your customers though it is easier for the customers to log in to your website to do outsourcing payroll operations. During a time this is when out would send out an email to every registered user on your site.  We have talked about Aweber or Mail chimp during my free website builder class I included the video if you want to check it out  I have it embedded below you can skip to the part where I go into setting up your Aweber account.  However, I would send an email out letting the client know if they need to access customer service or access their account that they will be able to by using their email and if they need to reset their password that they can as well until Facebook is back up.  This would also be a great time to introduce any new products to your existing clients, check out this business debt solutions in manchester uk.

My client does not answer to email like that what do I do? 

It has been proven that 80% of consumers respond to text messaging if you have phone numbers i would send a mass text out using services such as EZ text  or any other type of mass text provider, you should learn to prioritise your workload.

Cris this is only temporary we will be back up shortly. 

I agree with the brand, however, should make sure that their website which is a hub for the social media content. Take this time while your social media is down and go over your site and make sure your clients can reach you outside of Facebook and Instagram.

Tools for Hash Tag Generation

Tools for Hash Tag Generation


We all know how popular hashtag’s across the various social media platforms are. Hashtags have now been integrated into the typical SEO optimization of our content. The question now becomes well what hashtags do we use for our content?  Trends are on a constant change and we want to make sure that we using hashtags that makes relevant sense to our content.  So I ran across a site online called Best Hashtag this site provides free hashtag generation based off what you put into the search bar and it will give you back hashtag that is relevant. So i make sure that I test drive this out to see if he hash tags generated would work so this is how it went.


So I wanted to test the methodology on Instagram hashtags works best on Twitter and Instagram.  here’s the post here

So I went to this site and I begin to search Influence and all these Hashtags came up plus some the next thing you know I begin to get all these likes that I have never seen before I got about 6-7 new followers and I was like wow.  I could not believe it and I begin to see how it works, of course, some of the things I delete out of there cause it just was not relevant to what I was talking about. I thought hum let me try this on our another one of my business pages for tee shirts.  The Results was amazing. Since Instagram let you use up to 30  the safe zone is to stay within 11-15  put it in an area where you can copy and past and use accordingly.


These tools work just remember the platform rules so they do not band your account. The Method does work just remember to us 7-11 hashtag words which would be in the safe zone. Hope this helps you as you increase your visibility online.  If you have any comments or questions I answer back just let me know.

Lady Hale


How To Grow my Facebook book Business Page Fast

How To Grow my Facebook book Business Page Fast

How To Get 5,000  Likes Organically  On Facebook

Facebook has no doubt is a major platform for any type of business to be on, but to be a successful business you need more that just be in Facebook, you need to know how manage well your business payroll for this you need the help from professionals in payroll administration services. Be it your a non-profit  or for profit buiness though facebook is only one of the social media platform everyone is own with over a with over 2.27 billion monthly active users in 2018 and growing no wonder business have begin to sprung up .  That is a lot of people who are using facebook. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and a  great way to build a great name with a valuable product for the world.  Or a place to discover that your product is not the greatest product and need some reform. I have seen facebook make and break companies so your product that you are offerring to the world should be that of somthing that should bring Value to our connected community, be online brings a los benefits for companies check here the benefits of a going virtual. Though this article is not about your prodcut and your brand I do belive that your product that you are offering to the world should requre some type of value to the community, have a look at these great accounting tools in 2021.

Our world is built on communities of differce races and creeds and belifs out of 2.27 billion users getting 5,000 who like what you do should not be a challange. Well for many it is. I have included in this article a link on how to do it.

Here are the steps

Watch the vido closely as I go step by step

Check out the podcast as to learn how to do this step by step I have an online class for this only $5 . I’ll drop the link in the commenct section once its up.

In the comment section leave a link to your business page.

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Optimize your Emails By using Emojis

Optimize your Emails By using Emojis

C.H. Says take your email to a new level.

If you have not listened to the podcast you want to make sure you do today.  Taking your email strategy to the next level and be kind of hard if you do not have any guidance in doing so. I sure you have gone through many videos. You have maybe heard this “FUNNEL” word and your question is how do I do this. How do I build a list that people actually respond to? I have a Podcast for that as well you can go through my archive and you will find the answer you are looking for.

Today I talked about optimizing your email with emoji I am pretty sure you have seen many top influencers,  fortune 500  sent you emails that look like this

There is one from Bath Body Works, When I have seen it I opened it cause it was very curious as to what the email was talking about. Once I open I realize that it was a sale I was drawn to click beyond the email.

Below is the video let me know in the comments section how you’re utilizing this.  – Lady Hale


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