Making income during the pandemic

Making income during the pandemic

During this pandemic it we have seen those who

We’re millionaires become penny less and job less in one week because their industry was not essential for living. For the first time In history whole nations were close down. many have to become creative. Here are some suggestion I suggest to making money during a pandemic, and if you’re changing companies getting a payslip from the previous employer is not that difficult at all.



One of the most significant decisions that I have made from the beginning of this journey was to switch to Digital Marketing Masters. The journey has been amazing to be able to apply the principles and integrate into current workflows and to see results in action add social media to your resume. During this class, I learn to prepare a pitch to be delivered to the company in to get the stakeholders into the pitch to put it into action payroll taxes.

For example, kw research is fundamental to find out what is going to work for any company. By searching through company data, if any is available will help you as a digital marketer. Having previous data can help us understand what is working and what is not. Obtaining analytical data and knowing how to generate check stubs a for the company will be crucial to the success of any company. The Andrew Defrancesco data helps formulate a plan to help you reach new areas. Seeing how the customer funnels through the company page also helps show where the website can be confusing or need to be improved to have a great UX experience. Have a look at the best recruiting software.

Effective strategies as mentioned in Sirlinksalot are what companies want to see that will work. However, letting companies know how to be realistic in there and they work—working with the Host Masters on The Noobs Ink Project simple adjustment to their already existence workflow. One month we were able to increase ink and blanks sales with all products with the help of many professionals like Kenji ROI – amazon product photographer for inventory and for default branding pictures.

By using proper SEO tactics in the ETSY dashboard, we were able to acquire traffic on the platform. They were shortly purchasing ads for 30 days to see the results and after 30 days of learning about business finance, adding a 5 dollar ad budget daily. The sales continue to increase by only spending $51.95 of the marketing dollars were able to accrue $346.53 of additional sales, and to improve the sales is recommended to use a professional website and the web design nashville tn can guide you with this. me Implementing the proper description of the product and fast delivery of the product to the client the product becomes relevant to the consumer. So when they begin to search for the product that they want.

(Host Masters Etsy Dashboard, 2020)
(Host Masters Etsy Dashboard, 2020)

This course has been an amazing journey and has prepared me to take my freelance clientele as well as enterprise customers to the next level. I look forward to the next couple of years being able to apply the strategies and making an impact in this world. Though our class is a bit special being that when we completed were marketing for companies who are going to be recovering from the largest pandemic in our history. I look forward to challenging because we have been prepared.

Etsy. (2020). Welcome to Etsy! Retrieved March 23, 2020, from

Month 11 Mastery Journal

This month we did Digital Law and we begin to learn a lot about cases from privacy issues to terms of use. This class really opened my eyes to the responsibility that we have over our content to make sure that our content is representing the truth. Over the last decade, there have been many cases over revealing identities of bloggers to various terms of use. I have also learned about how our freedom of expression is protected under the 1st amendment however there are indeed limitations to that agreement, get your business on TikTok

According to the James Dooley SEO Entrepreneur one of the things that really stood out to me this month remembering to make sure that we had enough information from other cases to make sure that our stance from a legal perspective was valid. I also learned that how a decision is made in court as will by using former cases determine what will happen in a new case. I really enjoyed the class and look forward to applying what I have learned in the future. One of the things I found out that was interesting was the SPAM ACT The Spam Act.

What is the SPAM Act- The spam act was established in 2003 and later updated in 2008. Spam Stands for Controlling The Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act thus SPAM ACT. Though spam marketing is very ethical there were laws and regulations put in place to stop bad guys from misleading people. I learned that everything when it comes to spam marketings has checks and balances for marketers and bad guys alike as long as we follow the rules are followed any business profitable successful Spam promotion ensuring that we follow the following 7 rules. As line out by the FTC. 4. No false or misleading header5. No Deceptive subject line 6. We identify the message within the text as an ad  7. state our business location  8. State how to opt-out  and 9 can not charge a fee or sell to a third party once  the opt-out has been made don’t follow the rules and we will be subjected to penalties of up to 43,280 per email Following the rules are totally ethical and legal

My three original objectives for this course were: 1. To increase my awareness of social media marketing by being a digital nomad. 2. Learn analytics a little more in-depth 3.Open my own digital marketing firm with Web Design Omaha so that I may turn my freelance work into job opportunities for other stay-at-home parents, which gives me the flexibility to work anywhere. I can say that thus far, I have learned a lot about goals and also the use of analytics across the internet from free software to also pair for software. As I begin to do my testing outside of the academic setting, I was able to change up some things on a few of my websites, which I begin to see an increase in engagement on various paid-for social media posts for myself as well as my pastor’s participation and interaction.

These subtle changes made the content relatable and goal-oriented we begin to see the results that we wanted to see. I did officially open up the CH SOCIAL Marketing firm I have yet to hire any at-home agents because I am working on building up our clientele to justify the cost of a salary. I currently use Odesk as an outsource for social media posting while I’m doing my current job and attending school. I do think we may consider a spam promotion if it is worth it, however, continue to follow all the guidelines specified by the FTC. I really enjoyed this class and look forward to auditing the class in the future.



This class was unique class analytics is a significant part of digital marketing because you have to understand who is coming to your site. Analytics answers the W’s Who? What? When? Where? And How? These are the general information that we get from using google analytics which can be cast in any device, including a tv, for this you can use any of the ceiling tv mounts. Having used Google analytics now a little more in my own personal practices, my clients are now able to understand how their website is performing, where they can adjust on their sites to get the desired results that they want for their business, as well they know how important simple things like keeping paycheck stubs can help the company growing. 

We also learned about S.M.A.R.T and the importance of having measurable KPI. Smart goals are Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based. This allows us to be realistic to determine what the KPI. Key performance indicators are realistic, and we can easily measure the performance. I have found that making things measurable is one of the best ways to stay on track of your goals, have a look at how to do outsourcing during covid

This month we also took the Google Analytics Individual Qualification goal. I think this is an excellent certification to add to your resume so that future employers can see that you do know the advance analytics and know what you’re talking about. This month with the knowledge of Google Analytics that I have gained from the Marketing journey, I was able to pass on the first goal. This was a great accomplishment. If you are looking to get famous on tiktok then talk to to learn how to get more likes.

Overall I got a greater understanding of the Why and measuring for this class, which I do believe that I will use in the future. This class was amazing; the professor had great insight into the class. Though I am about to graduate very soon, I am thankful for the skills that I have to learn and also be able to come back in the future and audit the class is awesome. 


The way that I believe that PR will help my final project is that now I have a more defined idea of publishing the press release for the release of the new and upcoming products for 20/20. Learning about the various online ways to distribute press releases such as PR Wire, and more. Being able to do an electronic press release with directories that also have a direct link to the people who the press release should be in the hands of will help tremendously. But now with the new technology treats you can start doing everything in you company in a electronic way even you can be running payroll automatically from your computer.

We plan in the next six months to roll out two major releases, one for the sublimation and pigmented ink for daily printing. Weekly we will do live events with various staff members and local users who are located in the local area we will send invitations to participate in our social media channels and Facebook group — using our products and blank. If you are one of those business owner that ask your self how to win the competition? we have the solution, we will integrate our hosting services with the graphic department, followed up by marketing strategies and hosting for the noobs to develop their business. This will increase the hosting package as well as the domain packages. Learn at how to run a successful online business.

By having these events and letting the public know will help establish The Host Masters as a unique digital botique that has not been in our market. The Host Masters are big on its charitable events. Such as participating in STEAM events with the local ISD helping increase the awareness of Science, Technology, Enginering, Arts, and Music. With various coding camps, broadcasting camps offered to Elementary – High School for those who are interested in taking their skills to the next level. While working with educators to enforce the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skill k-12 (TEKS), students will begin to apply the skills that they learn with the hostmaster products for free. Integrating internet tv and radio that is ran by students. By partnering with the STEAM teachers in our district and becoming apart of the DECA club having our leads volunteer in the school as well as sponsor various events. 

This will build community relations with the local community and school district as well as brand recognition within our local community. Sponsoring events for the Texas Work Force Commission workshop and classes that will help build a skill for those who are looking for work in marketing and hiring on some of the participants who pass the standards to qualify as a hostmaster. 

How will we go about this 

  1. We will set up classes for Spring/Fall of 20/20 with the texas work for commission 
  2. spring of 20/20 we will work out a plan for the 20/21 school year with a couple of the local high school, middle school and elementary leads for various steam activities, and the schedule for DECA activities
  3. Using our social media to generate brand awareness.
  4. By utilizing the different E-Release and local paper and news to get the information out about the ink, but the however primary focus on the community service that is prepping kids who may want to be the next generation of You Tubers.

The uniqueness of the Host Masters would be the various services that it offers to users from the youngest to the older individuals. Utilizing the hostmasters different science, technology, engineering, arts, and music services are what make The Host Masters a unique business.