We all know how popular hashtag’s across the various social media platforms are. Hashtags have now been integrated into the typical SEO optimization of our content. The question now becomes well what hashtags do we use for our content?  Trends are on a constant change and we want to make sure that we using hashtags that makes relevant sense to our content.  So I ran across a site online called Best Hashtag this site provides free hashtag generation based off what you put into the search bar and it will give you back hashtag that is relevant. So i make sure that I test drive this out to see if he hash tags generated would work so this is how it went.


So I wanted to test the methodology on Instagram hashtags works best on Twitter and Instagram.  here’s the post here

So I went to this site and I begin to search Influence and all these Hashtags came up plus some the next thing you know I begin to get all these likes that I have never seen before I got about 6-7 new followers and I was like wow.  I could not believe it and I begin to see how it works, of course, some of the things I delete out of there cause it just was not relevant to what I was talking about. I thought hum let me try this on our another one of my business pages for tee shirts.  The Results was amazing. Since Instagram let you use up to 30  the safe zone is to stay within 11-15  put it in an area where you can copy and past and use accordingly.


These tools work just remember the platform rules so they do not band your account. The Method does work just remember to us 7-11 hashtag words which would be in the safe zone. Hope this helps you as you increase your visibility online.  If you have any comments or questions I answer back just let me know.

Lady Hale