Claiming Your Social Address

Claiming Your Social Address

This episode we talk about the importance of having your social media properties claimed across social media platforms. Master Marketer Lady Hales talks about the platforms your business should be on, what type of businesses thrives the best on certain platforms. She also tells you what platforms may not be a good fit if the business is not for them. For example, mortgage lenders should not be on tic-tock and she gives reasons why? Have you claimed your social media address? if not you need to listen to this podcast today! Have you Claimed your social media address make sure your business is in the right community listen today! Do you know someone who needs to claim their social media address forward them this podcast?

The Power of Consumer Question- Bonus Material reaching clients offline

In this episode Master Marketer Crystal Hale tells us how to take advantage of people asking Alexa, Siri, and other voice services that people are using to ask questions. Learn how to optimize your content for this question and put your self in a position to be a leading expert in your field. Also included Bonus material reaching your clients offline.

Power Chat: How To Help The Market

Your Brand Story

Does your brand have a story one of the things to make your business unique is the story behind your business? A brand story is what makes a business relatable to the people in which they serve. People no longer just buy brands because of what they offer they often want to feel connected to a purpose that’s bigger than them. These are the clients who become your Brand loyal followers

Claiming Your Social Address

Surviving The Trend

This episode we’re going to be talking about surviving the trends. Many businesses being on the internet were literally birthed out of trends. However many have not taken the necessary steps have their business survive the trend. Surviving trends means 1. You have to prepare for loss 2. You have to put back a portion of your earned income to withstand the lean months