Hey there!  I want to welcome you to my class.  My name is Crystal Hale I’m a branding and marketing strategist who just happens to be a crafter. I have been doing cameo now for almost 3 years I have over 10 years of experience in design and adding cameo to our in-house production was not even a question. When we added the cameo to our in-house printing for t-shirts the business continued to expand. In our first 6 months, we made over 17k  in gross sales which was a plus.   Our investment had paid its self off over and over again. We never would have thought that  T-Shirts and promotional products could bring in a whole extra income. Many thought I already been doing it for a long time. When in actually the main things was learning the design aspect which is a major aspect of the T-shirt business. You will not learn design in a day it will take some time not a long time. However to get the basics down and you add upon that you will get better over time as some good wine. 

I’m going to help you avoid the many pitfalls that I ran into busting my head trying to get my head and foot. This basic class will have everything packaged in it that you need to start your self off with a successful business.  I remember I was so excited when I went and picked up my cameo  Introducing my self to you. I am excited you have joined this journey. Remember you have 3 months of free access to me. the one rule i have is before you contact me to watch the video first I’m going to know if you watch the video we have formatted the video that it is compatible on all streaming devices wether you have High-Speed internet or slower speeds for those who are in the areas who do not have hi-speed internet.





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