Using Hashtags On Youtube

This pound sign has changed the way we have organized things on the internet.  the @ ( a mention) and # ( Organize a way to look up various topics). Twitter was the pioneering network that begins to use this organizational method which later made its way to many of the other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  seems to be a little behind  ( 10 years behind ) and exactly how it works is still a little bit in the air. There are many pros are cons to using the hashtags on the youtube platform. However, I do think that this does increase your visibility and rank.

Some may argue that it push consumers away from their content. However, I do think it gives the consumer other people views on the subject in which they are searching. If you only want the user to stay on your content then do not use it.  However, if you do want to begin to rank and increase your visibility. Then go for it use the hashtag.  I love the way Instagram uses this feature because it builds a tribe of people who use the particular hashtag. Enabling the user to follow a hashtag allows the user to stay updated with content relevant to them. When you think of the way it is used on Instagram it is like how we use to follow RSS feeds 10 year ago.

I do believe if  Youtube adopts the following a tribe like Instagram has done.   The adding of the hashtag feature could be great for creators and marketers alike. That’s what made me begin to get more active on Instagram by utilizing some of their business features and the hashtag follows.  I have been able to increase brand awareness and also gain engaging followers as well.  Though I do not think that this will change the whole way we see the youtube ecosystem. I do think that if you utilize it. This will help increase your search visibility and video rank. Here are more info on how to increase your youtube views.


Well, that’s really easy to do Let us take any video you already have  Well use one of mine   Go into your creator studio once you go into creator studio. You Tube Creator studio 2

Now Select a video that you would like to add your hashtag to.

Now on the Bottom of the bottom of the hashtag go and add 3 hashtags. 

Make sure you press save.

Refresh your browser. Once you have refreshed your browsers you can now see that the video now has hashtags on top of them.

Well, That’s how you add the hashtag to your video. Rember the max is three you can use to your video in the commenction section add a link to our video thqt you are using the hashtag on  of you using the hashtags.