About Crystal "Lady" Hale

Hey, there my name is Crystal “ Lady” Hale is I am a  technologist with over 15 plus years of experience managing business relations and special projects at the senior management level. Working with fortune 500 companies I have proven interpersonal, communications, and multi-tasking skills. Doing what I do best helping brands reach their online goals I’m a  team player who exercises high integrity using discretion in dealing with extremely sensitive and confidential company information. You don’t have to worry about me spilling your brand’s secret sauce.



You see the man I’m smiling with right there his name is  Ernest Hale. He is pretty tech smart he is an Azure Cloud Engineer, Pastor, and Author. We have been married now for 11 years  We are the proud parents of 4 children  E.G.2, Miriah, Charity, and David we reside in Frisco, Tx.  My Family is indeed everything to me without my husband and my children providing support. I would not be able to do what I do as an entrepreneur. Allowing me to provide cloud-based and marketing services to many across the country.

This is how my journey in cloud-based technology begin. I was faced with a problem to find a cloud-based streaming solution for live radio broadcasting at an affordable rate

My client whom I was providing marketing services to wanted to have a weekly radio broadcast. However, the market rates exceeded their budget.  Presented with an opportunity to own my very own internet station. I  launched TWN Radio ( THE WAY NETWORK RADIO) the radio station consisted of religious and non-religious DJ’s and other niche influencer’s who did talk shows on the station. The station started with about 300 listeners weekly within three months grew to over 10k listeners weekly from all over the globe.

After building a following of over 10k active and engaging audience, I  decided to replicate with new clients and more people hobbyist and profession alike from around the country join my network.  Utilizing technologies such as Centova Cast and ShoutcastThe Way Communications Network officially enter the market as a hosting company 2014.  Using my strong decision-making and problem-solving capabilities I was able to implement effective action plans for professional and hobbyist broadcaster to reach their targeted demographics and also new audiences.

As the broadcasting roster continued to grow the need for branding and marketing became very evident. Working for the auto industry with companies such as Toyota and Chevrolet as a business development manager I have overseen hundreds of marketing campaigns using Social Media and Text Marketing to bring over 1 million dollars in products from the front-end sales (manufacturing cost) to the back end sales (upgrades and warranties).

Bringing my skills and expertise to The Way Communications Network allowed her to open the Marketing and Communications Division of The Way Communications Network.  CHSOCIAL PR  provides marketing and branding services to clients beyond the broadcasting industry, helping for-profits and non-profits increase the brand awareness and marketing efforts with the central core value of helping people through proven techniques.

You can always contact me via email crystal@chsocial.com  you can also connect with me across the social media platforms by using @chsocialpr. If you need social media management.  Partner with Lady Hale and let her take your brand to new places.  You can also listen to tips and advice via my podcast you can find me on Apple Podcast, GooglePodcasts,  and Spotify 


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